Design Novice

Design Aesthetics

Chapter 1
Understanding the basics of designs and examples of good art and design.
Chapter 2
Concepts of lines.
Lines Example
Chapter 3
Repetition and rhythm in border style.
Chapter 4
Using originality and not using the trend.
Trend Setter

Photoshop One-on-One

Chapter 1
Learned about opening photoshop with different computers. We also discussed some "sister" programs within photoshop and that work alongside photoshop.
Chapter 2
Navigating through photoshop.
Chapter 3
Downsampling an image.
Moab Rocks
Chapter 4
Picture Frame
Chapter 5
Worked with saving all of the different formats in photoshop.
Chapter 6
Crop tool. Cliff Guy
Chapter 7
The three "Auto Commands".$1
Chapter 8
Adjusting colors.
Color Cast
Chapter 9
Editing among different tools.
Chapter 10
This chapter was all about touching up photos of people.

Multiple Graphic Sizes

Chapter 1
Selected image and sliced it in different banner sizes. Banners
Chapter 2
Looked at various ways to save the image for better resolution.